Quality management

ATBIO&MISO hold certifications not only in HACCP but also ISO9001 (quality management certification), ISO14001 (environmental management certification), and FSSC22000 (global food safety system certification), operating under an advanced quality control system.

To maintain safe and consistent quality from raw materials to end products,
we conduct various quality inspection tests.

ATBIO&MISO is a specialized company that has received
the world’s best quality control certifications.

Thorough quality control and safety inspections

Multi-stage quality inspections are rigorously conducted to ship only products that meet strict standards.

  • Quality

    Product measurement for consistent quality control

    Moisture meters, water activity meters, colorimeters, digital viscometers, Bostwick viscometers, etc.

  • Hazard

    Secured product stability and hazard management

    General metal detectors, metal detectors (Aluscan), x-ray detectors, etc.

  • Product

    Precise product selection and management

    Temperature-controlled chamber and temperature controller, light meter, material testing instrument, high-pressure steam sterilizer, etc.