'Always Try'
With 20 years of experience in pet food development and manufacturing,
ATBIO&MISO has cultivated expertise and, by building on this foundation, continuously innovates and develops new products, expanding the scope of pet food and establishing itself as the top business partner in the Korean pet food industry.

  • 2004

    • ATBIO founded
  • 2008

    • ATBIO certified as a startup and INNOBIZ
  • 2010

    • MISO founded
    • MISO released the first square-shaped can in Korea
  • 2012

    • ATBIO established and authorized as an annexed research center
    • ATBIO certified for ISO9001 & ISO140011
    • MISO released the first wet cat food in Korea
  • 2013

    • MISO certified for HACCP
  • 2015

    • ATBIO selected as Gyeonggi-do’s Promising SME
  • 2016

    • ATBIO received commendation from the Governor of Gyeonggi-do
    • MISO released the first mini sticks for cats in Korea
  • 2017

    • ATBIO received commendation from the Minister of SMEs and Startups
    • ATBIO certified as an exceptional company for job creation
    • MISO released the first creamy cat snack in Korea
  • 2018

    • MISO certified for ISO9001 & ISO14001
    • MISO's new plant certified for HACCP
  • 2019

    • ATBIO certified as an exceptional company for job creation in Gyeonggi-do and selected as Gyeonggi-do's star company
    • MISO certified for organic feed
  • 2020

    • ATBIO built and moved to the new office building in Gwangneung Techno Valley
    • ATBIO's new office building certified for ISO14001, ISO22000 & HACCP
    • ATBIO received Presidential Commendation for Small and Medium Enterprise (CEO)
    • ATBIO selected as a Small and Medium-Sized Business for Talent Development and selected as a Promising Export Firm
    • MISO established a plant for Qingdao Meixiao Pet Food Co., Ltd. (China)
  • 2021

    • ATBIO expanded the new office building
    • ATBIO certified as a venture company for innovative growth
  • 2022

    • ATBIO acquired MISO and appointed a new CEO
  • 2023

    • ATBIO selected as a Main-Biz
    • ATBIO certified for FSSC22000