Pet food research center

By continuously researching foundational technologies, we lead pet food product trends with top-tier R&D in all areas, including pet food formulation, production processes, raw ingredients, and nutrients, ensuring the rapid development of products that align with our customers' desires.

Based on experienced research team and continuous investment in R&D, we are ceaselessly expanding our competitive research expertise.


Innovative R&D LAB

The lab at ATBIO&MISO develops distinguished technology and conducts research on high-functionality feed and diverse base ingredients, showcasing exceptional products through our accumulated expertise.

  • R&D of tailored products
  • Technical evaluations of Ingredients benefits
  • Proprietary R&D of raw ingredient bases
  • Product palatability evaluation
  • Government / industry research projects

Key research achievements

  • Pet food using insect protein and alternative proteins
  • Pet food using protein hydrolysis enzymes
  • Prescription and preventive pet food and treats for specific diseases
  • Calming agents using natural substances
  • Development of formulations related to pet dental health
  • Enhancement of palatability using natural substances and proprietary raw ingredient bases
  • Formulation of pet food, treats, and supplements tailored to pet lifestyle/stage