Major customers

'Always Trust'
As a customer-centric business partner, ATBIO&MISO has built trusting relationships with numerous customers. Realizing customer value and earning their trust will continue to be ATBIO&MISO's top priority.

Leveraging the verified competitiveness, ATBIO&MISO has established partnerships with numerous brands, both domestically and internationally, unlocking endless possibilities to lead the pet industry.

  • 국내 M/S 1위

    for ODM/ OEMleader

  • 최고수준 CAPA 연 8,200t

    Top-tier capacity of9,000t/year

  • 글로벌 수준의 품질인증

    Global-levelquality certified

  • 글로벌 수준의 품질인증

    Rigorous customer claim feed back system

  • 빠른 샘플 제형 개발 프로세스

    Sample making on time customized formulation development

Major customers

  • pet club
  • cargill
  • insolvic
  • signiture
  • dr dog
  • 농협 목우촌
  • the dog n cat
  • 주요 고객사
  • artemis
  • foody worm
  • emart
  • 롯데몰
  • 동원
  • the founders INC
  • 풀무원

Partner network

  • 주요 고객사
  • 주요 고객사
  • 주요 고객사
  • 주요 고객사
  • 주요 고객사